Writing Your Award Entry

Claire DicksonStaff Nursing Care Awards

Tips and Tricks for writing your award entry


  1. Select carefully the categories you wish to enter. Choose categories based on your strengths. What you are good at and how can you demonstrate this to the judges?
  2. Start your entry by stating why your nomination deserves to win the category
  3. Your entry needs to stand out from other nominations. Use bullet points to make key points and make sure your entry is easy to read. Use plain English and keep it simple.
  4. The judges will need proof of your claims to be “the best”, “great worker”, “appreciated by patients”, “great innovator”.  What proves this – your word isn’t good enough – quote results of patient surveys, RQIA comments, testimonials from patients’ relatives.
  5. Keep your entry brief and to the point. You have 500 words so use them wisely by avoiding jargon and waffle.
  6. Read carefully the criteria of the categories you plan to enter and make sure you cover the points the judges will be looking for.
  7. If you are unsure about anything email the organisers (media@strategicevents.co.uk). They are a friendly lot and will not be involved in the judging. They can help you to make sure your entry is a good one.

For details of the 2024 Staff Nursing Care Awards find out more here.