Entering awards is good for your profile

Claire DicksonUncategorised

  1. No matter what the size of your business, winning a Staff Nursing Care Award extends beyond being named as a finalist or picking up the trophy at the glittering awards dinner . . . . . . .
  2. Announcing that some of your staff have been nominated can attract local publicity – if you tell your local newspapers and radio, your social media and your website
  3. Being named a finalist by the judges can improve awareness of your services and promote your business to new customers – if you tell your local media. Don’t forget the organisers will also be listing the finalists and where they work on their websites and social media
  4. A successful entry celebrates the hard work and achievements of you and your staff.
  5. An industry award, like the Staff Nursing Care Awards, helps to separate you from competitors. Winning an award, or being named a finalist, can act as a third-party endorsement of your business.  An award is a positive way of differentiating your services from those of your competitors.
  6. Winning an award does not have to be a one-off event.  You can use the winning of an award, or being judged a finalist, as part of your sales pitch all year round.
  7. An award can be a badge of quality for your business to prospective customers and influence a new customer’s decision to choose you.
  8. Being nominated for an award promotes a good feeling amongst your team and helps staff focus on what is great about working for your business and makes them proud to be a part of it.
  9. An award boosts your profile when it comes to recruiting new staff.  If you are the best, the best will want to work with you.
  10. At the Staff Nursing Care Awards dinner on 26 March 2020, there are opportunities for business networking with like-minded people
  11. Your visibility as a finalist or winner is enhanced, not just in front of customers and potential staff, but also with potential suppliers or business partners.